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  • James Boyle
    Executive Director,
    Progressive Business
    Leaders Network
  • Aron Cramer
    President and CEO,
    Business for Social Responsibility
  • Bonnie Nixon
    Director, Environmental Sustainability, Hewlett-Packard
  • Kent Greenfield
    Boston College Law School
  • Jeffrey Hollender
    Seventh Generation
  • Marjorie Kelly
    Co-Founder, Corporation 20/20; Tellus Institute
  • Robert Kuttner
    Author, Columnist and Co-Editor, American Prospect
  • Michael Marx
    Executive Director,
    Corporate Ethics International
  • Peter Senge
    Founding Chair of SoL (Society for Organizational Learning),
    Sloan School of Management, MIT
  • Damon Silvers
    Associate General Counsel, AFL-CIO
  • Allen White
    Co-Founder, Corporation 20/20; Former CEO, GRI;
    Tellus Institute
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2nd Summit on the Future of the Corporation
We stand today at an historical moment. Many aspects of the global economy are out of synch with 21st century imperatives. While the character of corporations that produce needed goods and services—the “real economy”—is undergoing intense change, the “financial economy” is fueled more by money shuffling than by long-term wealth creation. The current global financial crisis has exposed a system of untenable leverage and speculative behavior that has left the real economy dangerously short of affordable, reliable and timely capital to meet its investment and operating needs. The result: an erosion of prospects for the creation and prosperity of sustainable companies to meet the pressing social and environmental challenges in the coming decades.

To explore the causes, consequences and solutions to these conditions, Corporation 20/20 (www.corporation2020.org) invites you to participate in the 2ND SUMMIT ON THE FUTURE OF THE CORPORATION: RESTORING THE PRIMACY OF THE REAL ECONOMY. Join leaders from business, civil society, labor, law and the media in a dynamic forum to debate one of the most pressing issues of our time: how can financial markets be returned to their rightful role as servant to, rather than master of, the real economy?

Selected Speakers

  • Peter Blom
    CEO, Triodos Bank, Netherlands
  • Leslie Christian
    President, Portfolio 21 Investments
  • Mark Goyder
    Founder Director of Tomorrow's Company
  • Robert Johnson
    Member, UN (Stiglitz), Commission on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System
  • Roger Saillant
    Former CEO, Plug Power; former VP Ford Motor Company
  • Judith Samuelson
    Executive Director, Business and Society Program, Aspen Institute

Goals of the
2nd Summit

  • Explore lessons of the global financial crisis for reconstituting the interface between capital and corporations
  • Develop strategies for squeezing speculation out of financial markets to align them with long-term wealth creation
  • Deepen and expand a growing network committed to transformation of capital markets and corporations that serve the public interest

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